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Help at home

A list of trusted service providers whom seniors may hire for cleaning, errands, small electrical, plumbing & carpentry jobs, yard work, personal care, etc. Service providers have undergone a security check, been interviewed by Seniors Association staff, provided references, and signed a confidentiality agreement.

613.548.7810 for a referral

Price negotiated by client with service provider.


Hatter’s Platters

5 Meals for $50

Choose 5 meals, made fresh each week, for pick-up on Thursday. Meals are packaged in microwaveable containers (not for oven use) ready for you to microwave and enjoy right away or store in your refrigerator or freezer to enjoy later.


Choose 5 Entrée Options

Call 613.548.7810 x 234

Order and pay by Tuesday at 3:00pm

on Thursday between 1:00 and 3:00pm

Entrée Options (5/order)

1. Liver & Onions

Baby beef liver topped with fried onions and gravy
Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

2. Ham Steak with Pineapple Sauce

Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

3. Chicken Souvlaki

Served with rice and vegetables

4. Herb Stuffed Sole

Served with rice and vegetables

5. BBQ Pork Chop

Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

6. Baked Chicken & Bow Tie Pasta

Served with garlic bread

7. Double Order of Soup

8. Two Desserts


The Seniors Association partners with local organizations to offer the following free services for members and non-members.

Arthritis Clinic

The Arthritis Society offers telephone or online appointments with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Limited in-person appointments are available at their office, 308 Wellington Street, unit 100. For more information or to book an appointment.

1.800.321.1433 ext 3307

Bereavement Support

One-on-one appointments or support groups. (Spousal/Partner – Second Thursday; Parents – Second Tuesday; Living with Loss – Third Monday. All sessions start at 6:30pm.) Mourning Coffee – Fourth Tuesday, 11:00am.



Hearing Clinic

1st Friday, 9:00am to 2:00pm. Matthew Audley, Hearing Instrument Specialist from Amplifon, provides hearing tests, hearing aid cleaning, and batteries. Matthew will be using enhanced sanitation procedures, masks, face shield, gloves, and distancing measures. Appointments required.


Legal Advice

2nd & 4th Monday, 1:00 to 3:00pm A practising lawyer provides confidential advice by phone. Appointment required.

Service Canada Clinic

Service Canada representatives come to The Seniors Centre to help you with Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Social Insurance Number (SIN), or Canadian Dental Care Plan. Drop-in or make an appointment.



Other services

Programs From Home

Can’t make it in to one of our locations? Enjoy programs from the comfort of your own home either over the phone or on the computer! Click here to see more.

Health and Wellness Programs

Check our Program Page or contact Reception for current programs, dates, fees, and descriptions.

  • Aquafit

  • Balance for Fall Prevention

  • Exercise with Arthritis

  • Improve Your Memory

  • Managing Arthritis

  • Meditation

  • Mind & Body Wellness

Vista on CD

Listen to stories from our members, interesting feature columns, as well as news and events from the Seniors Association. Click the image to download.